REIT Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud implementation for Real Estate

FusionObjects' REIT Sales Cloud

FusionObjects’ REIT Sales Cloud provides comprehensive Fixed Scope Offering(FSO) for Sales Cloud implementation for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with

  • Validated REIT specific Front office Templates
  • Validated Configuration Guide
  • Validated Test Scripts
  • Validated integration with Back Office using FusionObjects’ REIT LeaseConnect to other solutions such as Oracle Property Manager

REIT Sales Cloud functions consist of Front Office functions such as

  • Tenant Marketing
  • Systematically capturing Tenant Leads
  • Process flow from Tenant Opportunities to signing of Lease Agreement

REIT Sales Cloud Fixed Scope Offering is used for

  • Tower REIT
  • Restaurant REIT
  • Mall REIT

Solution Distinguish Feature

The only solution that connects the best Property Management solution with Oracle Sales Cloud


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