Propertify Rent Intelligence Cloud

Automatic Analysis of selected building
Automatic Lease Quality Determination
Automatic updating of a rental property listing
Forecasting Residual value
Automatic Lease proposal system
Predictive Error finding of leases
Rent Prediction for Commercial Property
Rent Prediction for Residential Property
Predictive Automatic Lease Renewal
Automatic updating of a rental property listing
Scalable leases
Rental property caching and searching system
Automatic Rent negotiation of rental property
Automatic Matching of Rent Remittances to Transactions
Automatic Matching of Receipts to Transactions in Bill Presentment Architecture
Automatic Lease Entry for large number of leases
Automatic searching and bidding for rental properties
Automated Lease Spacing for multiple tenants
Automated Real Property Retention and Transferal system
Automatic Lease Completion for large number of leases
Automatically updating Characteristic of Property Leases
Automatic updates to Leases with Lease attributes

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