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LeaseConnect Accelerators

FusionObjects LeaseConnect Accelerators connects front-office CRM solution with backoffice leasing contract, accounting applications for Equipment Leasing, Tower Leasing, Real Estate leasing companies.

FusionObjects LeaseConnect Equipment Leasing Accelerator provides a streamlined integration of its front-office sales applications with back-office applications including Lease Contracts, Service Contracts, Rebates, Vouchers and Coupons, Direct Sale for Equipment leasing companies in printer leasing, heavy machinery leasing, server leasing, medical equipment leasing or any equipment leasing company.

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LeaseConnect Real Estate

LeaseConnect Real Estate Accelerator connects front-office CRM solutions with back office property management applications for real estate leasing companies including Tower leasing, Restaurant leasing, Storage leasing, Land leasing, or any real estate leasing operations.

FusionObjects has indepth ground experience in Equipment Leasing and Property leasing industry along with integrating such leasing applications with front-office sales software.

Revenue Share Lease

Revshare payments are made to Landlords based on a calculation of either billings, cash receipts, tenant count, etc. as specified in the terms of the Land lease agreements.

In a lease with Revenue share obligation, company is required to pay a portion of the revenue earned from tower tenants to the landlord. For some expense leases, this revenue share may be the sole source of payment to the land owner. For others, the landowner may receive a recurring payment amount, in addition to revenue share. There are multiple ways to calculate a landowner’s revenue share.

Expense lease Revenue Share details are entered during lease abstraction along with tenant lease information pertinent to the revenue share agreement terms that will apply to future revenue leases Revshare details from Revenue Lease.

In compliance with the matching principle under GAAP Accounting, Company must account for the expense associated with Revenue Share sites as revenue is recognized, which is most commonly on a monthly basis.

Revshare Payment Comparison report and other analysis tools and analytical reports could be used to review the calculations for accuracy.

LeaseConnect Accelerators connects

  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Property Manager
  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Lease and Finance Management(OFLM)
  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Trade Management
  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Order Management
  • Oracle Sales Cloud with Oracle Service Contracts

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